One Direction - Larry Stylinson

Charmed S5 Icons for i_character

I'm trying to finish up my Paige claim for i_character . I have 2 weeks left to finish 3 seasons. I kind of lost track and got behind. So I'm gonna be doing a lot of Charmed icons in the next few weeks. Maybe two seasons in one post. It'll depend on how far I can get before March 10th, my deadline. Anyway feedback is very much appreciated on these.

63 Paige Matthews Icons (season 5)


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OTH - Leyton

Buffy & OTH Icons

001-012 Buffy Icons (for [info]still_grrr)
013-017 One Tree Hill Icons (some spoilers)
6 Manips
2 Wallpapers (Leyton & Charmed)


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BTVS - Bangel

Valentine's Day Icons

001-016 Valentine's Day Stocks
017-021 Valentine's Day Shipper Icons
022-026 Valentine's Day Text Icons
027-027 Big Valentine's Day Icon (200x200)
1 Valentine's Day Header


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Dawson's Creek - Jack/Jen

Dawson's Creek & 7th Heaven Icons

Most of you guys seem more into fandom stuff so I'm kind of changing this community a little. So from now on I'll be posting mostly fandom/movie graphics here with the occasional stock batch. I'll still be making celebrity icons but they'll be posted to my new community, justadreamicons , which is just for celebrity graphics. Feel free to join it.

001-012 Dawson's Creek Icons (Castaways)
013-017 Dawson's Creek Promo Icons
018-020 7th Heaven Icons
6 Manip (Martin/Ruthie, Leyton, Naley, Brooke/Dean/Sam, Peyton/Angel, Paige/Alec)


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BTVS - Molly

(no subject)

Spam me with tv shows you want me to icon and I'll see if I can't find promos or something for them. I have a site I use for mostly promos and omg they have a crap load of shows on there so I should be able to find something. I think the only shows they don't have are soaps. But anything else goes. So spam me with shows you want me to icon and I'll get on it.
OTH - Keith/Karen

35 One Tree Hill Icons

001-022 One Tree Hill Icons for i_episode (Season 1)
023-030 OTH Promo Icons (Season 5)
031-032 Hilarie Burton Icons
033-034 Bethany Joie Galeotti Icons
035-035 Sophia Bush Icons



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One Direction - Larry Stylinson

2 Icon Sized Textures & 1 Wallpaper Sized Textures

You guys said you wanted more textures so here's 3 sets I made. It's the first time I've done textures so tell me if they're any good.

download here @ my deviantART (sized 1024x768)

download here @ my deviantART

download here @ my deviantART

comment, credit, no stealing